Midas Group



To become one of the leading independent mid-tier wholesale traders In North America and EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa), specialized in supplying forestry by-products to convertors and manufacturers in the packaging, printing, tissue and carpentry industries.


Adaptable in that we keep an open mind to new opportunities and challenges and adapt to the ever-changing competitive landscape to ensure our Strategy & Organization are suitable to the environment we operate in. We are not afraid of challenging the way we operate and accommodating new perspectives in business.

Efficient in screening the numerous opportunities that come our way for what suits our Strategy the most, identifying imbalances between supply and demand, acting swiftly to restore equilibrium and being responsive to the needs of our customers, suppliers and stakeholders.

Responsible in delivering sustainable returns to our shareholders, building partnerships that deliver long-lasting shared values and being consistent with the quality of the products we distribute; it is also about being a good corporate citizen.

Risk Management in maintaining a rigorous risk management framework and striving to continuously improve the way we operate and manage the risks we undertake.


Our strategy is to fulfil our vision to become one of the leading mid-tier forestry-by products wholesale traders in North America and EMEA, operating in the space between the intermediate-products and the finished-products side of the value chain.

The strategy is comprised of following key components:

  • Scope of products is first and foremost physical in paper, paper board, adhesive labels, laminates, foils, holographic, packaging grade plastics, jumbo tissue rolls, timber / lumber and specialty chemicals. We occasionally and opportunistically trade refined petroleum products.
  • The Quantities we trade and distribute are Wholesale
  • We do not speculate on price movements
  • Customer segment focus: mid-tier convertors and manufacturers, large retailers and locally-focused merchants and distributors.
  • We do not introduce buyers and sellers and earn brokerage commissions - we only take title ownership of the cargoes and re-sell the same to our customers.
  • Our competitive advantage in the geographic areas we cover lies primarily in the continuous improvement in our key value drivers: our ability to identify and react to market inefficiencies through the breadth and depth of the market intelligence we analyse, the strong relationships we possess, our access to capital and credit facilities and our marketing resources.