Midas Group

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Midas Trading/Medallion Holdings provides a range of forestry by-products—including paper, labels, tissues, and lumber—as well as packaging-grade plastics wholesale. Our primary clientele comprises convertors, manufacturers, and distributors in the packaging, printing, tissue, carpentry, and construction sectors.

Furthermore, we offer specialty chemicals, such as solvents, screens, and disinfectant liquids, along with aerosols, to a broad spectrum of industries including paint, industrial, automotive refinishing, pharmaceutical, and laboratory. We also cater to the public sector and educational institutions.

Operating out of Toronto in Canada and London in the United Kingdom, our trade flows are concentrated on supplying North America and EMEA (Europe, the Middle East and Africa). Our group had grown progressively and, in the process, moved more than 2,391 containers worth of products.

Product Scope:

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We also partner with some of our customers to help supply finished-products to end-users in the corporate, institutional, education and government sectors. For example : textbooks, chart & year books, annual reports, paper & plastic bags, bin & recycling liners, paper & plastic packaging, hot/cold cups, tissues (facial, bath and towel), paper-based fast moving stationery items, converted adhesive labels and more.

Our Value Proposition:

  • Competitive prices
  • Quality assurance and guarantees
  • Global supply channels
  • Attractive credit terms for established players and customers with a minimum of 6 shipments of trading history with us
  • Directly sourced
  • After-sales service
  • Many of our manufacturers do not sell directly to convertors and end-users as a matter of policy and strategy and had reached the maximum ceiling in the number of authorized wholesalers they can onboard due to operational and production capacity constraints.

Track Record:

  • 29.4 million m² of adhesive-labels and laminates
  • 432,665 Litres of specialty chemicals
  • 17,730 metric tons of paper and paper board
  • 12,026 metric tons of plastic film
  • 4,341 metric tons of tissues
  • 304,783 litres of specialty chemicals
  • 1,040 cubic meters of lumber products
  • And growing...